We treat your child as an individual.

The KID'S PARADISE Montessori Kindergarten in Wallisellen offers a safe and trusted environment.

The Kindergarten works in accordance with the Montessori method in the mornings

In addition to lessons, we place a high value on topic-related excursions.

Children learn to recognise the letters through play.

Maria Montessori created her own working materials to promote your child's development.

Montessori materials

The five material areas

Maria Montessori created some working materials to help your child's development. These developmental materials have a variety of functions:


1. Practising the practical and routine areas of life


Exercises like fastening shoes or putting on and taking off jackets help children to learn step by step how to become less dependent on other people's assistance. They learn to look after themselves and those around them, and they continuously refine and improve their motor skills and their hand/eye coordination.

2. Recognising the senses: Seeing - Hearing - Tasting - Touching

The sensory materials help the children to refine their perceptions. By increasing the differentiation in their view of reality and developing their internal structure/supports, they can organise what they have already experienced within their still disorderly sensory experiences.

3. Language

Once they take an interest in letters, children learn to recognise them through play. Going through various exercises step by step then also allows them to learn how to read and write.

4. Mathematics

The teaching materials for mathematics allow the child to GRASP, in the truest sense of the word, abstract teaching content through working with real materials. This makes it possible for the child to discover the fascination of numbers for itself.

5. Cosmic education

The materials used in the area of Cosmic Education offer children a wide variety of options. By marvelling at observable phenomena and undertaking experimental, exploratory learning, they arrive at discoveries in the area of natural sciences. Maria Montessori said that "Planting the seed for the natural sciences" was the most important aim of Cosmic Education, which also currently finds a relevance in ecological and peace studies.

Practical information

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Wir betreuen Kinder im Alter von 3 Jahren bis Schuleintritt.